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Marketing Tips

Free Marketing Tips for Promoting Your Home Inspection Business

For independent home inspectors, marketing is vital for attracting new customers and running a successful business. The time, money, and expertise you dedicate to promoting your company will generally bring a return on your investment equal to that of your efforts. Simply put, the more you invest in effectively marketing your home inspection business, the more your business will benefit.

Thanks to desktop computers, the Internet and access to simple publishing tools like Inspector's Edge, it's now fast, easy, and more affordable than ever to promote yourself like a pro.

We have compiled a collection of marketing tips and general advice to support and guide your marketing efforts. Whether you're new to the field or already established, this knowledge will help you gain the competitive edge you need to succeed. Be sure to visit this page often - new marketing tips are added regularly.

Why do I need a website?      03-Jan-2006
We look at the top five reasons why every home inspector needs a website.

Marketing your home inspection website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)      03-Jan-2006
Why SEO is important for online marketing.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?      03-Jan-2006
Good SEO - It isn't a mysterious art; nor does it require specialized knowledge or software.

SEO - Top five techniques to drive traffic to your home inspection website      03-Jan-2006
Easy to implement, these guidelines will help search engines find, index, and rank your home inspection website.

Domain name selection tips      03-Jan-2006
Choosing a good domain name is a critical step in creating a successful online presence for your business. Here are some guidelines to guide you in your selection process.

Branding your home inspection business      03-Jan-2006
You don't have to be a large company or franchise to benefit from branding. Putting basic branding principles to work for you costs nothing but your time and can only bring enhanced value and recognition to your business.

The importance of the inspection report      03-Jan-2006
In the home inspection business, the inspection report is the only tangible part of the entire process. Use it to leverage your marketing efforts.

Three ways to grow your home inspection business     03-Jan-2006
With so many strategies to choose from, business growth might seem like a daunting task. The good news is there are really only three main ways to grow your business.

New homes - a marketing strategy for getting more customers