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Marketing Tips

Why do I need a website?

Here are the top five reasons why every home inspector needs a website:

1. A website gives your business credibility.
Gone are the days when people asked if you have a website. Today, as a legitimate and viable business, you're simply expected to have one. To many of your prospects, not having a website is like not being listed in the phone book.

2. People will look for you online.
You might not use the Internet to search for services, but the fact is that many of your potential customers do. Sooner or later, they'll type your name or the services you offer into a search engine and if you don't appear in the results, they'll move on to your competitor who is online.

3. Your competitors are online.
Most businesses today have a website - including home inspectors. That means your competitors are online. The longer you wait to develop your site, the more new customers they will take from you.

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4. Your website is always open - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
On site doing inspections? Away on holidays or closed for the weekend? No problem. Your website is always on the job, selling your services and answering questions. Not only will it will save you valuable time so you can focus on your core business, but it will also allow your prospects to check you out when it's most convenient for them.

5. It's fast, it's easy, and it costs next to nothing.
Compared to running an ad in the Yellow Pages or in the newspaper, creating and maintaining a website today is cheap. Thanks to desktop computers, the Internet, and access to valuable information and simple publishing tools like Inspector's Edge, it's now easier than ever to promote yourself like a pro.

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