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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Many of your prospects look for home inspection services online using a search engine. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a vital role in helping those prospects find you. In simplest terms, SEO's goal is to make your website as "search engine-friendly" as possible.

Good SEO isn't a mysterious art; nor does it require specialized knowledge or software. Instead, it's a collection of techniques and strategies developed to enable your website to rank higher in search results. Some of these strategies are simply common sense - like providing your visitors with valuable and relevant information that addresses their needs. Other techniques are more technical - like creating title tags and meta descriptions. They all, however, are guided by one common tenet: what's good for the visitor is good for the search engine.

This fundamental principle sets the tone for the SEO guidelines and rules developed by major search engines. Their reputation to deliver relevant results is reliant on these rules so they take them seriously and so should you. The use of deceptive techniques intended to "fool" search engines are not recommended and may, in fact, get you permanently removed from their database.

Your best bet is to do the work it takes to properly optimize your website. Ideally, it's an ongoing process that starts at the initial development stage and then is continually fine-tuned to achieve and sustain optimum results. Unfortunately there is no 100% guarantee you will be successful. However, as part of an overall marketing strategy, SEO generally provides a good return on investment.

Inspector's Edge has compiled a list of five basic SEO techniques that you can easily use with your Inspector's Edge website. No programming or special software is needed. Get a jump on your competition and start optimizing today!

SEO - Top five techniques to drive traffic to your home inspection website

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