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Marketing Tips

The Importance of the Inspection Report

What a professional service offers is often intangible. A service professional works on the client's behalf to some end. While the service may result in a situation change, or a document, it is less about the end result and more about the process that takes you there. For instance, when you hire a lawyer, you may end up with a document, such as a will or a contract. When you hire a doctor, you may end up with a prescription. When you hire an engineer, you may end up with a design. But what you hired was the process that produced the result. Most people don't see the professional knowledge and process that goes into producing the end result. Fewer people appreciate the professional knowledge involved in a professional service. Nowhere is this more the case than for home inspectors.

In the home inspection business, the inspection report is the only tangible part of the entire process. Because the report carries the weight of proof of your professional abilities, it is extremely important. There are many reporting systems on the market to choose from. We encourage new home inspectors to buy one that's already out there. Unfortunately, most new home inspectors fall into the trap of reinventing the wheel.

When you start a new home inspection company, you are not likely to have a full schedule of inspections. If you have two inspections per week when you first start, you're doing well. You may feel that your time is not worth much at this point, making you reluctant to spend money on someone else's reporting system. You go home after every inspection and diligently produce a written narrative, or you spend hours developing a checklist that you will provide to your client on site. What's wrong with this picture? Now is exactly the time that you most need a pre-designed report. A professionally developed system makes you look good from the first day. It also saves time you would otherwise spend creating your own system. You have a precious nonrenewable asset called time. Any spare time you do have should go towards you marketing and sales efforts towards building your business.

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